PHP Programming and Development

PHP is the language behind the Internet.  It is what makes websites do what they do.  PHP is the language used to write WordPress plugins.

If you are in need of custom website functionality, you need a PHP programmer to make your wishes come true.

Our senior PHP programmer has over 25 years experience in computer programming, 13 years of which have been dedicated to PHP. We are here to get the job done right and on schedule.

Our team of PHP programmers are all native English speakers right here in Colorado.

Proper PHP development requires a structured approach.  It is important to understand the scope of the project and the needs of the software.  It is important that there is an accurate understanding of the project scope before development begins.

We can also create custom PHP WordPress plugins for the special need your website has.

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We have done projects for local government, startup companies, and custom projects.  Over the years, 1on1 Business has been called on many times for PHP programming expertise.   PHP programming can be used to call APIs.   PHP programming can also be used to add inteligence to your website for added functionality.

Website Security is another important aspect of good PHP development.  Your developer should have a strong understanding of vulnerabilities like: SQL Injection, Directory Traversal, Authentication Issues, Remote Scripts (XSS), Form Input Exploits.  We recommend running a vulnerability scanner such as this one once your code has been completed to be sure that your developer did not miss anything.

Custom Development for the web

There are times when your web development needs do not fit "the mold" and there are no pre-made solutions available.  We have done custom PHP development for companies that wanted custom shopping cart functionalities, custom wordpress plugins, and complex scheduling and routing for bus routes.

We have extensive experience in API integration as well as XML and SOAP.  If you need an application to collect data from external information sources, you need a professional custom PHP developer.