Mobile Web

Since the birth of the Internet, there have been many adjustments and innovations.  One of the latest is the advent of the Mobile Web.  As more and more devices are produced that enable people to carry the Internet with them, it is becoming increasingly important to have a website that is mobile friendly.  This means, not only, that your website will fit on a smaller screen.  You website should be easy to navigate from a portable device.  You may also consider paring down the content to just the essentials, with an ability to access the more verbose content, once the user has found the topic they are looking for.Mobile website browsing

It is also important to be sure that the content is optimized for the limited bandwith that may be available for the mobile device.  Projections are currently stating that by 2015, the majority of Internet traffic will be from mobile devices.  Certainly, it is worth some time and effort to make sure that your website is fully compatible and ready for the Mobile Web.

It has been said that the smart phone has become the "most valuable 4 inches of real estate".  As smart phones are integrated more and more into our society, we have seen innovations like health monitors, mobile banking, and mobile wallets.  It is important that your business keep up with the speed of technology and look for ways to leverage mobile marketing strategies.

1on1 Business can help to implement mobile strategies into your business from mobile marketing to mobile application development.