The Internet has brought with it a new wave of e-commerce.  E-commerce is not limited to just big businesses, even the smallest one-man operations have access to the Internet.  The Internet has paved the way for global commerce and competition.

Many businesses have chosen to showcase and even sell their products online through the use of software known as "virtual storefronts", "shopping carts", and "E-commerce solutions".  These systems usually include a content management system which allows the store owner (not necessarily a web developer) to add products anytime, as well as make changes to products and the information and photos on the website.

Our approach to successful E-commerce is to avoid the common use of multiple systems that are loosely patched together, instead we take advantage of E-commerce software that is fully integrated with payments systems, shopping cart, shipping systems, testimonial manager, email marketing, and much more.  Customer profiling is much more accurate when all of the systems are in communication.

For example, if you send an email out to your customer list and some people respond to your offer and make a purchase, how can you tell how much revenue was generated from that email campaign?  Auto segmentation is also available for instance, if a lead is in one email grouping and then takes action and makes a purchase, they can now automatically be moved to an email segment that represents buyers.

Our combination of online and offline marketing strategies offers a much more effective and faster business growth.