Market Analysis & Marketing Research

Market ResearchWhether you are just starting your business or have been established for many years, it is important to do appropriate market research.  You need to know what the competition is doing and what your customers want.  It does no good to offer the best product in town if no one is looking for it.

1on1 Business is located in the Fort Collins area and provides market analysis, research & planning.

Market research includes:

  • market size

  • growth characteristics

  • buying trends

  • market projections

Additionally, we will carefully analyze your competitors for:

  • their strengths

  • weaknesses

  • price points

  • selling propositions

  • what have they left unanswered?

Lastly, how does your business fit in with the overall market?

How can we optimize your marketing strategy to increase your business?

We can offer suggestions from an external point of view which you may choose to implement to increase your business activity.

Marketing is the lifeblood of any small business, and is rarely given the attention it deserves.  Word-of-mouth is one of the strongest (and most economical) forms of advertising - you want to be sure it continues.  What about all of the other marketing methods available?

Though many small businesses advertise with flyers, radio, or newspaper, they fail to accurately track the results.  Advertising campaigns do not work as one shot wonders.  It takes repeat exposure to encourage a potential client to make the buying decision.  Your first advertisement may work, but is it optimal?  How can it be improved?

After taking the time to review your businesses marketing history.  Our market analysis will then look deeper at what worked well and what did not.  We will then present a holistic marketing strategy with a clear goal.