Dave Kramer

Dave Kramer

Business Coaching

Dave started his first business at the age of 7 and was never quite able to satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit.  By the time he graduated high school, he had started 4 different businesses.

Since then, he has launched and managed 9 additional businesses and advised or consulted owners of more than 50 separate ventures.

His experience has encompassed a broad range of aspects including Computer Technology, Computer Programming, Marketing, Video Production & Editing, Consumer Trends, Labor Management, Market Analysis, Market Viablility, Networking, Organization & Productivity, and Basic Electronic Engineering.  His recent studies in social dynamics, social interactions, body language, and leadership have increased his understanding of business communications in regards to business negotiations and employee management interaction.

Due to his extensive technical background, Dave is always looking for ways to use technology to lighten the work load and provide a much more automated approach to repetitive business tasks.  Many businesses use computers, but not to their full potential. While operating one of his past ventures in computer consulting, He found himself as a "fly on the wall" in over 900 businesses.  He found that he was giving much more than just advice about technology. He started helping businesses optimize their workflows and workforce. He was able to show business owners where waste was being generated, whether it was low employee productivity, low yield marketing, or other inefficiencies, and how to optimize their workflow.

Dave has turned his experience and passion for business into an opportunity to help others to realize their business goals, and by extension, their personal goals.