Websites That Make Money!

Your business requires the best shot at success.  It is important that your website reflect, not only a clean professional appearance, but should also be functional and easy for visitors to find your products and services.

Of course, the Most Important requirement of your website is that it generates sales and leads.

Once you start marketing your business, you will start to see sales - but which marketing efforts are sending you business and which are wasting your valuable marketing budget?

Would you like to get your Business off to a good start?

Would you like to enjoy the secrets most marketing professionals keep to themselves?

Are YOU ready to make your website into a money making machine?


Our website builder software transforms you into the webmaster by giving you all the tools to add features with a single click:

  • Shopping cart
  • Coupons & discounts
  • Shipping options
  • Upload Images
  • Add pages

Of course, if you prefer to leave website maintenance to someone else - we can do that too!

  Marketing Tools

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Campaign System
  • Pay Per Click Manager
  • Print Ad Tracker
  • Radio & TV Tracker
  • Social Media Manager
  • Landing Page Tracker
  • QR Code Generator
  • Text Messaging Marketing

  •  Keyword lookup
    • Search ANY term at anytime to see how many buyers vs. non-buyers have visited your site from that term and all variations of that term.
    • Find keyword variations & products and services your clients are looking for - and not finding! 
  • Lead Boxes
    • Create customized lead boxes and place them on any website to collect leads from all of your Internet Properties.
    • Funnel and manage leads to one central manager
  • Survey System
    • Create your own surveys and send them through emails or place them on your Internet Properties to collect valuable data on your potential customers.

1on1Business has an excellent product. The software is very user friendly. I love the fact I can edit my web pages myself, or if do I need help I call the customer service line. Customer service is excellent. They are knowledgable and usually have my issue resolved within minutes. 

The tracking system is second to none. I've been posting on craigslist and had no idea if my time was being wasted. With the craigslist tracker I not only know how many people clicked on my post, I know how many people went to my website! I've been able to change the headings and content on my ads accordingly and increased my bookings by 15% in two weeks! 

Another feature I love is the timecard/tasking system. My admin assistant never has to wonder what she is supposed to do in the morning before I arrive. All her tasks are in her profile online when she clocks in! Very convenient all-in-one program. 

"1on1Business Changed My Business"


Advanced Shopping Cart

  • Works with physical & downloadable products
  • Fully customizable coupons
  • Create coupons for shipping discounts, products, or both!
  • Create overall cart discounts or per product discounts; by either percentage or flat rate!
  • Create unlimited tiers (per product) for quantity discounts
  • Detect what visitors want and cross-sell similar products
  • Upsell splash screen displays "last minute" offer before continuing to order page.
  • Even non-buyers info is captured and entered into the prospecting system

  • Landing Page effectiveness

  • Google Rankings-Know where you stand with Google

  • Sales charts-Know what's hot and what's not

Before I had access to this software, I launched adwords campaign after adwords campaign with no real results.

My website shows me what keywords in my campaigns are performing and which are not.  What's even better is this system even tracks which keywords resulted in actual sales! I have been able to optmize my adword campaigns, saving over $300 a month!

The system automatically sends out email coupons for return buyers who's email addresses are saved. The coupon orders are tracked each month, giving me valuable information into what is and is not working.


"1on1Business Saved Me Money"